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Research focused on the methods enabling us to become aware of our lived experience and to describe it, as well as the issue of the validity of the produced descriptions.

Research exploring the lived experience of the patient at different stages of a disease and the therapeutic potential of becoming aware of this experience.

Research studying the lived experience associated with cognitive processes, as well as investigating how knowledge about lived experience can inform teaching methods and systems of education.

Research exploring the experience associated with the use of technologies (digital technologies in particular), the way these technologies might transform our cognitive processes, and how knowledge of lived experience can inform technological design.

Research on the micro-processes involved in the experience of artistic creation as well as the experience of encountering an artwork.

Research focused on the micro-processes involved in different types of meditative practice and the experiential effects of meditation in various areas of human life.

Research investigating the relationship between the ecological crisis and the disconnection from our lived experience.

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